Friday, November 19, 2010

Make it Safer!

There are many reasons why marijuana is not worse
for you than smoking cigarettes. You may have heard
that “one joint is equal to ten cigarettes” but this is
exaggerated and misleading. Marijuana does contain more tar
than tobacco — but low tar cigarettes cause just as much
cancer, so what is that supposed to mean? Scientists have
shown that smoking any plant is bad for your lungs, because
it increases the number of ‘lesions’ in your small airways.
This usually does not threaten your life, but there is a
chance it will lead to infections. Marijuana users who are
worried about this can find less harmful ways of taking
marijuana like eating or vaporizing. (Be careful –
marijuana is safe to eat — but tobacco is not, you might
overdose!) Marijuana does not cause cancer the way
tobacco does, though.

Here is a list of interesting facts about marijuana smoking
and tobacco smoking:

o Marijuana smokers generally don’t chain smoke,
and so they smoke less
. (Marijuana is not physically
addictive like tobacco.) The more potent marijuana
is, the less a smoker will use at a time.

o Tobacco contains nicotine, and marijuana doesn’t.
Nicotine may harden the arteries and may be
responsible for much of the heart disease caused by
tobacco. New research has found that it may also
cause a lot of the cancer in tobacco smokers and
people who live or work where tobacco is smoked.
This is because it breaks down into a cancer causing
chemical called `N Nitrosamine’ when it is burned
(and maybe even while it is inside the body as well.)

o Marijuana contains THC. THC is a bronchial dilator,
which means it works like a cough drop and opens up
your lungs, which aids clearance of smoke and dirt.
Nicotine does just the opposite; it makes your lungs
bunch up and makes it harder to cough anything up.

o There are benefits from marijuana (besides bronchial
dilation) that you don’t get from tobacco.
marijuana makes you relax, which improves your health
and well-being.

o Scientists do not really know what it is that causes
malignant lung cancer in tobacco. Many think it may
be a substance known as Lead 210. Of course, there
are many other theories as to what does cause cancer,
but if this is true, it is easy to see why no case of lung
cancer resulting from marijuana use alone has
ever been documented
, because tobacco contains
much more of this substance than marijuana.

o Marijuana laws make it harder to use marijuana
without damaging your body
. Water-pipes are illegal
in many states. Filtered cigarettes, vaporizers, and
inhalers have to be mass produced, which is hard to
arrange `underground.’ People don’t eat marijuana
often because you need more to get as high that way,
and it isn’t cheap or easy to get (which is the
reason why some people will stoop to smoking leaves.)
This may sound funny to you — but the more legal
marijuana gets, the safer it is

It is pretty obvious to users that marijuana prohibition
laws are not “for their own good.” In addition to the
above, legal marijuana would be clean and free from
adulterants. Some people add other drugs to marijuana
before they sell it. Some people spray room freshener on it
or soak in in chemicals like formaldehyde! A lot of the
marijuana is grown outdoors, where it may be sprayed with
pesticides or contaminated with dangerous fungi. If the
government really cared about our health, they would form an
agency which would make sure only quality marijuana was
sold. This would be cheaper than keeping it illegal, and it
would keep people from getting hurt and going to the
emergency room.


Monday, October 25, 2010

R.I.P Eyedea

one of my influences as of late..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Deadkey A.K.A Lil' Itchy - Skate (fireflies remix)

Tacloban Skaters reppin' that WARAY WARAY WORLDWIDE!

beat: Scowl Riddim by Sabzi which is a remix of the song fireflies of Owl City
link to the songs here
Paul Valery by Blue Scholars - shout out to Geo and Sabzi!
Fireflies by Owl City
Video by Jerby Santo - mad props man!
Recorded and Mixed by Titan Banez

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

FataL Hitchkoch ft. BEE - HOLD ME BACK

check out my mans from the UK on his grind.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

early flight

Another FLIP MUSIC Exlusive!

waray waray worldwide yaa digg?!

"053, celebrate with the kid, im one of your sons destined to make it big!"


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Everybody's Alright - Jk Cinco


Just as the summer break is about to end
, we are going to release

a new track. This track is called Everybody's Alright by the only
girl in the group, JK Cinco. My girl has been putting in a lot of
work since mid 2009, writing for Da'Franchize when he was still based

She has come a long way, and I am very impressed by the significant
improvement in her song writing skills. She has finally caught
the sickness that is Music. I believe that she is the only one
doing this in Tacloban City, so peep it, support it, its waray waray
worldwide! ya diiiig?!

watch out for a KingKoy's Klan music video soon, we are aiming to finish it before
school officially starts.
a new song from Rb, another one from me, some chill ass skate music and hopefully
a music video for that song.. so keep coming for new stuff!

Everybody’s Alright

By Jk Cinco


When every plan is laid, and every thought is made,
I’ll finally say that everything’s alright
When every person dreams, and every dream is reached
I’ll finally say that everybody’s alright

Verse 1:

Everyone has a dream to be known and be seen
Searchin’ open doors just to find light
Every day is a game we should fight out and win
Problems fall like the rain don’t give up and complain

Refrain 1:

People working around, children play on the ground
Everything that they do, is for a dream to come true
A mistake that we make, is a lesson we take
Everything we go through, teaches us to break through


When every plan is laid, and every thought is made,
I’ll finally say that everything’s alright
When every person dreams, and every dream is reached
I’ll finally say that everybody’s alright

When Every child who sees a rainbow in the sky,
A simple thing like this brings a big life
When Every people get all the things they like
I’ll finally say that everybody’s alright

Refrain 2

We catch up on a ray of light
and feel our soul unite


it is time to hope

it is time to seek
every minute is
like a piece of gold

it is time to move, time to touch a goal
when a dream is reached, everybody’s alright

Repeat Chorus


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

we had to duck everytime a car passed by.

NIA spot

this one i did with Open from finland. we had this spot by palo beach.

palo by the beach

shout outs to Mano for the Spot, and Open for the Latex and Redhorse! when u get back we'll get more bro!

Lost Without You Remix - Deadkey

that bonus track on DAT053BOY MIXTAPE!. .

i guess it only kicked in many mornings after
tried to hide the pain with superficial walls and shallow laughters
tried so hard to move on, but i seem to paddle backwards
trapped in currents forming whirlpools, direction's rather scattered
everybody's always asking, how could have i let you go,
all i could tell them is that i really don't know,
if i tried to answer no matter how logical the reason,
were just mere excuses that i chose to believe in.
call me a fool, call me stupid, letting what i had with you end
i had but little a clue of what i was really losing
you are and always will be, the girl of my dreams
and kings ain't really kings without a queen
we never really know what we got till it's gone
pride is holding me back, so i vent on this song
i lost touch, i lost time, broke your heart, i lost mine.
hope you take the time to hear my soul cry.


i lost my direction, i need some back
i know i'l get more than that if you come back,
i was on track, steady wind blowing my sails,
missed the signs, sped too much, that's when i got derailed
how could i let myself be blinded by the engine smoke?
im a used up, joke of a man, looking all spent and broke
tears from my eyes never dried, that's figuratively
coz my grief i held inside so you never would see. .
me rotten, a shell of a man forgotten
staring blankly at your picture, eyes sunk and sullen.
i get drunk from the memories that we had together
all the promises i wrote in my mind to make us last forever
i laugh at this.. the mediocrity if this song,
and how i was able to hold in what i felt for this long.
my spirit is wavering, flickering hope will soon be put out
if my heart could speak freely, i know that it would cry out. .


let me burn of my mistakes, but please pick up my ashes
learned that all it takes is your touch to close these gashes
i need your attention now more than ever
we need not tie all the ropes that were severed
give me another chance, we can weave another bridge full,
give me another shot, cupid reload your pistol
give me a list full of my mistakes so i can program
myself to the things you want me to, but think that i can't
im getting to be a better man, everyday that passes by
im committed to settling, not just to pass you by
if i could cry, without feeling weak and foolish
i was weak and foolish, so let my tears sing through this
dreams seem lucid, closed eyes stream fluid
what i feel, won't lose it, i still feel stupid
my spirit's black and blue, has hope been blown away?
my heads down, sighing heavily, under my breath i try to say. . .


original song by delta goodrem here.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. . .

We're back though we never left. . .

Yes we, King Koy's Klan is back with a new track entitled "Nalabay Na Adlaw" . . .

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? It's more of everyday stuff for us. It pretty much answers the "you think you know but you have no idea" queries. Stuff we do, go through, experience, have to deal with, enjoy everyday. Our everyday journey . .

"posed to be out at 12mn, Easter Sunday. . . but still have to work and i'm kinda sleepy so i post 17 minutes early. . .

So for those who have been patiently waiting for a new K.K.K trakk, here it is. . .
For those who don't know us, give it a listen, here it is. . .
For those who had a wrong perspective about us, hear us out, hear it is. . .

just click on the link below or copy it paste it on your browser and download! as easy as that..=)

download link====>

if you like it thank you, let a friend hear it,too. Pass it out and help us spread it. .
if you don't like it, thank you, for the time you've spent downloading and listening to it. .

It's almost EASTER. . new life. . new beginnings. . new song from US. .

King Koy's Klan - Nalabay Na Adlaw

love and peace! ONE! - kingkoy a.k.a kid intellect

Saturday, April 3, 2010


wicked combination aint it?

Monday, March 29, 2010

twsc tag


quick tag before sleeping


alcohol and paint

Friday, March 19, 2010

Nujabes (born Jun Seba), a Japanese hip-hop producer, was killed in a car accident in Tokyo. Nujabes crashed when leaving the Metropolitan Expressway in Tokyo's Minato Ward. Nujabes was 36 years old when he died. The car crash that killed Nujabes took place on February 26, 2010, the same day a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan. Nujabes' death was only publicly confirmed by Hydeout Productions and by his friend and collaborator, Shing02, today; he was buried by his family in a private ceremony. Nujabes was the founder of Hydeout Productions, as well as the owner of two Tokyo record stores, Guinness Records and T Records. Nujabes (who came by his artistic name by spelling his real name backwards) also contributed music to the anime "Samurai Champloo", an anachronistic tale mixing samurai lore and modern hip-hop culture. Nujabes was a private person, and so many, even those who worked closely with him, did not know he had died. - from dj premieres blog

i ran into some of his beats on youtube a year ago, and fell in love with his jazzy soulful beats as soon as i heard them. i searched his name and eventually got download links to most of his works. i understand that a lot of his other stuff are only released on vinyl, how i would love to get to listen to those. i used one of his instrumentals entitled "another reflection" and wrote my song "latak" to it. you can listen and watch the video which i already posted earlier on this blog.

let me share another one of my favorite instrumental of his, this one is called modal soul.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Letter to Kiko

We take the time out to remember a KING.
remember the man, his music and the legacy he left.

we wrote this song last year, im just gonna post the lyrics up. no need for a long write up.
we will carry on with the music.

1st verse
this is dedicated to that man from manila
respected by g's thugs and the killas
an tumukdaw nga tulay para an hiphop mag-urusa
imo't trono ngan korona, waray puydi my kumuha
i promise to defend the three stars and a sun
ikaw an nagtikang, i am one of your many sons
you're the main reason why rappers are proud citizens
dinhi ha pilipinas kilala ka't tanan
tungod hit eat bulaga, mga salida mo ngan,
photos ha flicker, you put out your very own brand
you broadened the horizon of every rapper out here
a lot will miss you including me, im sincere
and since were still here and we can do more
we'll live life to the fullest, keepin no scores
hakuna matata, keep it worry free man
see the world colorful, kaliedoscope vision
you've always done on a positive note
emphasized on being real, words that i'll qoute
the legacy you left, legendary name will endure
rest in peace sir, paradise is yours

2nd verse
dear kiko if u can hear meup there,
i gotta know,may ada ba dida beer?
waray kita magkita,di mo ako kilala
pero pagtext ni exo tumuro'n akon luha.
Sayang waray ka na,it mga buutan gudman it nauuna
pundasyo ko ha mulay upod tim musika
May hip-hop sa Pinas dahil nanguna ka.
Syahan na kanta'n amon grupo, Hala Padara
Hango yan sa kanta mong Nilamon ng Sistema
I performed Peace On Earth on a different beat
Back in R.I.P (rappers in progress) Days it got me 2nd place feat
Ha-ha You proved them wrong
Radio played you bisan dire NOVELTY tim song
Love and Peace an imo tut-do dire bang-bang
You proved pwede maging Hip-Hop bisan dire bulig hin gang.
YeZzurR, Hats off to you!
I ignored your haters that's what i learned from you
No bye's 'coz your legacy will live forever
Pinoy In Peace Francis M. the freeman from Manila!

3rd verse
naibanan hin tukod it hiphop dinhi
pero tim impluwensya nakatatak pirme
it pilipino bisan pa't ibatak bis diin
my balon nga hinumduman ni francis m.
don't you worry coz you left hiphop in good hands
it won't stop, it steady rocks with my klan
di mawawara an mensahe mo tikang pa'n una
ipapasa namon an usa nga paghigugma

Tungod ha imo Kiko naging "Pambihira ang Pinoy"
Taas noong binibigkas na "Tayo'y Mga Pinoy"
Nagbibilin hin gamay kun naabot na it kwarta
kay kun "Ubos Biyaya Bukas Nakatunga-nga"
Di kami mangangalimot han imo "Cold Summer Nights", 3 Stars and a Sun", "Love for Life" "Girl Be Mine"
Ikaw,ako,ngan hi Rizal papreho'n gintutu-uran na ang ating "Kabataan ay Para sa Kinabukasan"
Han nakadto ha kasisidman an Hip-Hop, ikaw'n Suga
An pader han Hip-Hop ngan rakista, ikaw an nag guba
Ngan kun hain ka man yana ayaw na kabaraka Kuya,
Hasta buhi pa ako it Hip-Hop mag-aaringasa. . .


TACLOBAN WALLSIDE CREW x UNGGA - man from manila tribute piece, created last year

Friday, March 5, 2010


wattup street sqaders!

if you are from around tacloban city, it would be impossible for you to miss this name. he has been out and about town, from stickers to markers, to tags, throw ups and a few pieces around town, you are bound to see YABI. A member of the Tacloban WallSide Crew of TWSC, he has been relentlessly putting his name on every surface possible.

here are a few of his cursive style graffiti.

if you see any of his stuff, feel free to send photos to

this one is in front of beamarish bakeshop in apitong and has been painted over alread

and this in an abandoned building near jolibee bethany


and this infront of zilogs downtown
downtown bombing with bugsik




this is the last song i recorded before i released dat 053 boy mixtape. this song sealed it. i recorded the song at da'franchize's studio.. and franchize took out his digicam and took a few vid clips while i was recording. we decided to compile a few clips and release the video 1st before the mixtape dropped as a teaser.

this song takes a reflective mood, me wondering where did all the hiphop heads go, because tacloban hiphop has been really quiet for awhile. radio hasnt been really been friendly with the genre over here, and most of the new dudes are just aiming at getting a hit played on radio.

enjoy the vid.

this song is included in dat 053 boy mixtape, download @

dat 053 Boy Mixtape Cover


finally, after imeem got bought by myspace, i decided to release all of my songs posted on that site so people could still listen.

im giving these songs for free..

1.hi ako - deadkey dat boy - deadkey
3.superwoman - deadkey a lion - deadkey
5.gangsta 101 - deadkey
6.padug-a tak kalag - deadkey
7.dead or alive - deadkey
8.don't let our love let us down - deadkey
9.respect - deadkey
10.30 pesos terminal fee - deadkey ft.dafranchize
11.latak - deadkey
12.(bonus)lost without you - deadkey

watch out for more music though!
peace and love!

its waray waray worldwide! 053 Boy Mixtape!.rar


They said this can never be possible. But it's all good now. After all the trials, the push backs, the hardships we've been through, the criticisms right and left, the boos on stage, the cat-calls,it is finally here! This will be the official launch of King Koy's Klan "An Pag-Gios Mixtape" . . Tickets are included when you purchase the cd. So here's your deal, at p200 you get the mixtape, a free entrance to the event and a free drink. There will be performances by the King Koy's Klan themselves and a surprise guest. . . It will be a night of quality music, fun, games and laughter. . .=) Be there!

event poster

the event is done! it was a success. . . indeed it was. . .1st of thank you Papa Jesus, you made this possible, waray mo ginpauran..hehehe.. thank you to all the people that made this possible, nino calipayan for the album lay-out and chuvanes, mr.rexan zobel de ayala cabling,hehehe,, for the mixtape and event posters,blazin' hot! our street team - King Koy's Klan Street Team, for holding it down with us, bisan dire kami mga sikat..=) , zaibatsu cafe bar (cristina magalon) thank you so much, and sa lahat ng mga people that were there, sa mga nag-commit na dumating at hindi nag-commit pero dumating din, You people were not the usual Tacloban crowd kasi you were not hard to please.=) We had a great time. HOpe ya'll had a great time,a great night.. btw, sir Ungga was there..thank you for checking out our event. . Breaking borders and breaking barriers! We had rappers/hip-hop, skaters, graffiti artists, rakistas, and people who just love music, under one roof!! People were cooperative from the games to the chants. . .It was one hell of a night. We even had a couple who chose to spend their anniversary at our launch. Dang!! . . thanks . . We love you people. . 'til next time. . .

You all are officially part of the movement, AMO NA INI AN PAG-GIOS! yeZzUrR!!

and for those who missed out on the event, no worries, we will upload photos and videos of the event soon.

Thank You Thank You Thank You . . . - kingkoy aka kid intellect



what can i say.. this is the 1st mixtape put out by the klan. it is a compilation of tracks recorded by the members of the klan individually and as a group from 2004-till 2009. tracks are in waray and english, showcasing our mastery of both.

this release gave us our 1st taste of producing a cd, from planning to putting up the money to get things done. we are grateful to a number of people who really helped out and we did not forget to shout them out at the outro.

the track that stands out is track #6 Summer Fun, we made the song during summer so it was released when summer was about to end. it started out with us playing with a few electronica inspired hiphop beats. we just had fun with the track. ma summer nmn, so i hope this track gets in your playlists. paysh! - yungkeezy

members of the kingkoys klan are:

hector tupaz aka kingkoy aka kid intellect
kim david obejas aka deadkey aka lil itchy
angelo martie sudario aka angelo da lazykid
reeven ryan bolito aka rbrizzat da boywonder

and singer:
jhekie cinco


The 1st Entry

welcome visitor!

i finally got a little free time to create a blog. i have been planning to put one up since we (me and my klan, kingkoys klan) were planning to release our compilation mixtape last year 2009. we felt the need to document everything we were doing just for the heck of it. we thought, it would be kool to browse pictures and articles of our movement as we get older and god forbid, "grow too old" for this hiphop shit.

im gonna be posting all the notable events that happened to me/us last year. Im gonna be posting download links to our previously released mixtapes along with a few videos of what we did last year. im gonna include a few other kool stuff besides music, including the ever growing tacloban street art scene, graffiti, art events, im even including some skateboard and mtb, bmx stuff on. basically, im gonna be posting any and everything i wanna share with the world here.

let me tell you my dear visitor, that i have no clue at all on how to make this site look better, but i promise im gonna work on it.. yeayup!
im gonna try to put in a few updates once in a while, and im hoping to get busy this year. so check the site often..

waray waray worldwide!