Friday, March 5, 2010


They said this can never be possible. But it's all good now. After all the trials, the push backs, the hardships we've been through, the criticisms right and left, the boos on stage, the cat-calls,it is finally here! This will be the official launch of King Koy's Klan "An Pag-Gios Mixtape" . . Tickets are included when you purchase the cd. So here's your deal, at p200 you get the mixtape, a free entrance to the event and a free drink. There will be performances by the King Koy's Klan themselves and a surprise guest. . . It will be a night of quality music, fun, games and laughter. . .=) Be there!

event poster

the event is done! it was a success. . . indeed it was. . .1st of thank you Papa Jesus, you made this possible, waray mo ginpauran..hehehe.. thank you to all the people that made this possible, nino calipayan for the album lay-out and chuvanes, mr.rexan zobel de ayala cabling,hehehe,, for the mixtape and event posters,blazin' hot! our street team - King Koy's Klan Street Team, for holding it down with us, bisan dire kami mga sikat..=) , zaibatsu cafe bar (cristina magalon) thank you so much, and sa lahat ng mga people that were there, sa mga nag-commit na dumating at hindi nag-commit pero dumating din, You people were not the usual Tacloban crowd kasi you were not hard to please.=) We had a great time. HOpe ya'll had a great time,a great night.. btw, sir Ungga was there..thank you for checking out our event. . Breaking borders and breaking barriers! We had rappers/hip-hop, skaters, graffiti artists, rakistas, and people who just love music, under one roof!! People were cooperative from the games to the chants. . .It was one hell of a night. We even had a couple who chose to spend their anniversary at our launch. Dang!! . . thanks . . We love you people. . 'til next time. . .

You all are officially part of the movement, AMO NA INI AN PAG-GIOS! yeZzUrR!!

and for those who missed out on the event, no worries, we will upload photos and videos of the event soon.

Thank You Thank You Thank You . . . - kingkoy aka kid intellect

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