Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lost Without You Remix - Deadkey

that bonus track on DAT053BOY MIXTAPE!. .

i guess it only kicked in many mornings after
tried to hide the pain with superficial walls and shallow laughters
tried so hard to move on, but i seem to paddle backwards
trapped in currents forming whirlpools, direction's rather scattered
everybody's always asking, how could have i let you go,
all i could tell them is that i really don't know,
if i tried to answer no matter how logical the reason,
were just mere excuses that i chose to believe in.
call me a fool, call me stupid, letting what i had with you end
i had but little a clue of what i was really losing
you are and always will be, the girl of my dreams
and kings ain't really kings without a queen
we never really know what we got till it's gone
pride is holding me back, so i vent on this song
i lost touch, i lost time, broke your heart, i lost mine.
hope you take the time to hear my soul cry.


i lost my direction, i need some back
i know i'l get more than that if you come back,
i was on track, steady wind blowing my sails,
missed the signs, sped too much, that's when i got derailed
how could i let myself be blinded by the engine smoke?
im a used up, joke of a man, looking all spent and broke
tears from my eyes never dried, that's figuratively
coz my grief i held inside so you never would see. .
me rotten, a shell of a man forgotten
staring blankly at your picture, eyes sunk and sullen.
i get drunk from the memories that we had together
all the promises i wrote in my mind to make us last forever
i laugh at this.. the mediocrity if this song,
and how i was able to hold in what i felt for this long.
my spirit is wavering, flickering hope will soon be put out
if my heart could speak freely, i know that it would cry out. .


let me burn of my mistakes, but please pick up my ashes
learned that all it takes is your touch to close these gashes
i need your attention now more than ever
we need not tie all the ropes that were severed
give me another chance, we can weave another bridge full,
give me another shot, cupid reload your pistol
give me a list full of my mistakes so i can program
myself to the things you want me to, but think that i can't
im getting to be a better man, everyday that passes by
im committed to settling, not just to pass you by
if i could cry, without feeling weak and foolish
i was weak and foolish, so let my tears sing through this
dreams seem lucid, closed eyes stream fluid
what i feel, won't lose it, i still feel stupid
my spirit's black and blue, has hope been blown away?
my heads down, sighing heavily, under my breath i try to say. . .


original song by delta goodrem here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SI4DCYOCRps

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